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Sewing Lessons


Meet Sewing Instructor Njide.

A master seamstress with a tailors touch. Over 20 years of experience teaching & sewing. 


The craftsmanship and attention to detail equals elegance.

Above average satisfaction and customer care is always the main goal.  

Garments come ready to wear or custom to your design.


 custom construction and/or alterations, fill out contact form.


BEGINNER ~ You don't know the tools, have never sewn or have sewn very little. You have dabbed in school sewing class. Need to becoming more comfortable with your machine and tools.


INTERMEDIATE ~ You know your tools and machine and have done some basic garment making.


AD-PLUS ~ You are a confident sewer and are welcoming challenges with new techniques and tools.

 Just a few styles that will be covered, everyday apparel, bridal, redecorating the home and more.

Basic Sewing Kit Required

Registration is valid with full payment or $25 a class.

  • Please bring to every class: Fabric and trimming, scissors, rotary cutter, cutting board and assorted rulers, thread, extra machine needles, bobbin, pins, seam ripper, marking pencil, paper 7 pencil.
  • Please label all of your supplies as we cannot be held responsible for lost or misplaced tools.
  • Please make sure that your machine is in proper working order. we don't repair any makes and models of machines. You will go home with a wealth of new knowledge, you learn that sewing will be fun.

Beginners Sewing 101 

 Pattern reading made easy. Learn to read, layout, cut and mark a store bought skirt pattern, insert a zipper, waistband make pleats and stitch hems. This class covers basic sewing techniques to get you started.

Intermediate  Step  110

An intermediate sewing class for those who know a little about sewing and want to gain more knowledge. Learn to sew a basic dress, blouse or shirt, put on a cuff, collar, buttonholes & darts. Apply facing,

Ad-plus Sewing 201


For the experience sewers that can read and follow directions from a pattern & have made shirts & dresses before. Focusing more on detailing garments and finishing with a tailors touch.