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Fittings and pickups are by 
appointment only.

Bridal alterations usually require a minimum of 9 weeks between initial appointment and pickup date.

Q: What’s your price range? I have budget!

A: Pricing varies widely for each gown and body.  Based on work need it is impossible to responsibly give any estimate over the phone or via photos! Items have to be reviewed in person.

Q: I only need a few alterations?

A: We always start with a consultation appointment, so we can give you an estimate! For a $40 fee and no commitment, we will take one hour and go over the possibilities and necessities of alterations on your gown. We will be able to give you an estimate (not a fixed price). For a more accurate estimate, bring your shoes and your undergarments.
After the consultation, you’ll receive a follow-up email  and/or text detailing a price breakdown, recommended schedule for further fitting dates, and any questions we discussed at your consultation. 

Q: Is the alteration consultant fee is credited toward my alterations should I decide to use your services?

A: Yes! If you commit to having your alterations done by us, the $40 fee is subtracted from the alterations total.

Q: What does the alterations process look like?

A: Fitting dates can now be scheduled for the first, second, and third fittings. Sometimes gowns that need more work need a fourth or fifth fitting!
For wedding, prom,and evening garments the first should be 3-4 months ahead of the date, and the last one should be no more than three weeks out from the date.

Q: Is full payment of everything due up front?

A: No: a deposit of fifty percent of the total due. Once work has begun no refunds. Form of payments accepted are online cash app, cash but (no checks). 

Q: Do I need to take my gown to a cleaners before alterations?

A: Yes. All items must be clean before any alterations begin. (No dirty garments please)

Q: Can I get it pressed? 

A: Pressing/steaming is included in our total price for alterations! We steam all garment.

Q: Do you make wedding gowns?

A: Yes. 

Q: Do you make veils, jackets, or other accessories?

A: Yes. 

Q: Do you redesign/revamp vintage gowns for events?

A: Yes, but it sometime may cost more or just as much as than the original garment. Alterations and re/design are two very different things, make a consultation appointment with us, and we can advise you.

Any other questions call, text, email or leave comment on contact page.