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Extended Alterations


Shorten or lengthen $17.50
Cuffs $22.50
Lined $22.50
Cuffs lined $27.50
Shorten with vents $21.00
Shorten with vents lined  $2.6.00
Re-hems plain $14
Re-hems cuff $19
Waist In/Out w/zipper $25
Waist in or out
Waist in or out (lined)
Waist & seat in or out lined $27
Waist, seat, & crotch / thighs (lined) in or out $48
Crotch in or out only $30
Lined w/side zipper $35
Take in Hips only slacks/skirt $10
Taper Legs $30
Taper  lined $40
Taper cuffed (lined) $45
Stride In/Out $20
Waist darts $16
Replace Zipper $15 & up
New zipper $18
New zipper lined $24
New zipper (invisible $22
New zipper (invisible lined) $30

Re-stitch Seam $5 each seam
Sew Buttons $.50 each
Button holes $16
Sew on patches $6.50 each & up
Sew on patches on sleeve (lined) $20.00 each & up
Sew on school letter $18.50 each & up
Sew patches on leather -double re.g price
Sew on stripes on sleeves $40.00 & up
New Zipper in coats $40.00 & up
New snaps$10.00
Add Hook/Eye $.50 set
Patches vary depending on shape $5+ Measuring for events
not booked with us $5
Very detailed measurements $10 &up
Leather Alterations repaired outside facility.

Top Coat/ Suits

Hem Sleeves (vented) $35 & up
Hem Sleeves (lined/no vent) $25
Shorten or lengthen sleeves  & face $55
Shorten Jacket $40 & up
Reline $120 & up
Take In/Let out $60 & up
Take up/Redo $75

Hem straight bottom $20
Make curved hem straight $15
Hem bottom w/slits or tails $15
Lining add'l $10
Hem long sleeve w/cuff $25
Hem short sleeve $15
Take in sides w/top stitching $28
Darts in back $15

Shorten straps $20
Add premade straps $30
Custom made straps from $35
Take up Halter strap $25
Take up sleevelss shoulders $30
Take up shoulders with embellishment from $45
 Lace shoulders from $55


Adding, removing or altering
Beads, Sequence, Appliqu├ęs, Lace:
Prices vary per garment .

Khaki Type Pants/Skirts

 Waist In (top stitching)$20
Waist thru Hips (top stitching) $30 
Hips In (top stitching) $20
Taper Legs $20
Take In Stride (without top stitching) $20
Take In stride (top stitching) $35 

Wedding Gown or Formal Gown 

Hem Bottom
Hem outer skirt (satin/taffeta)+1 Lining $40
Each additional lining $15
Additional outer layer $15 & up
Chiffon Layer(up to 15 feet around)+2 Linings $75
Chiffon Layer +1 Lining $60 
Extra full chiffon hem each additional foot around $5
Mushroom Hem $70
Cotton Dress 1 Layer $15
Cotton Dress 2 Layers $25
Lycra Dress 1 Layer $20

Take in bodice only with full lining from $40
Take in bodice only with only bodice lining from $55
Take in bodice with side zipper from $65
Take in bodice with halter from $55
Take in bodice thru hips from $65
Take in bodice thru hips with side zipper from $85
Take in back center seams $40
Take in dress cups from $50
 Remove and replace embellishments         
to alter gown from $40
Add corset back from $90
Replace zipper $25

Hem Sleeves
Hem sleeves from bottom $20
Hem sleeves lined $35
Hem sleeves from shoulder $60

Regular Hem $12
Original Hem $18
Take in Back Seam $30 
Taper Legs non-welted seam $30
Taper Legs w/welted seam $45
Take in Stride $45
Replace Zipper $25

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